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Limited Tort Accident Lawyers

Every year, we recover millions of dollars for clients with limited tort who were injured in car crashes.

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Vehicle crash victims with limited tort insurance often face obstacles when seeking the money they deserve.

If you were injured and have limited tort coverage, an insurance agent may tell you that you aren’t entitled to compensation. The company may try to settle with you, offering a fraction of what is fair.

All is not lost. We have obtained full recoveries for Pennsylvania clients in thousands of cases involving limited tort insurance.

We obtain compensation in spite of limited tort coverage.

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Who We Help

Our legal team can help you if you were injured in an accident and have limited tort coverage – regardless of whether you were behind the wheel or not.

  • Drivers

    Injured motorists with limited tort insurance may still be able to recover compensation for their injuries.

  • Passengers

    We regularly obtain monetary awards for people with limited tort insurance coverage who were injured as passengers.

  • Pedestrians

    We know how to use exceptions to limited tort to regularly obtain money for injured pedestrians.

Limited Tort Exceptions

The insurance company wants you to believe your limited tort insurance coverage prevents you from recovering money for your auto accident injuries.

We will beat limited tort and recover full compensation for you once we prove one of these exceptions

Serious Injury

We beat limited tort with this exception for most of our clients.



We beat limited tort if you were injured as a pedestrian.


Out-of-State Vehicle Registration

We beat limited tort if the at-fault driver was operating a vehicle registered outside PA.


Commercial Vehicle

We beat limited tort if you were injured as a passenger on a bus, taxi, or other commercial vehicle.


On a Motorcycle

We beat limited tort if you were injured on a motorcycle.


Impaired Driver

We beat limited tort if you were hurt by someone who was impaired by drugs or alcohol.


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Our Cases

In the past three years alone (2016-2018), Ostroff Injury law has recovered more than $75 million for clients.

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I left another lawyer in Pittsburgh because he said he could not help me because I had limited tort insurance. I found Mr. Ostroff online. He called me in 10 minutes, sent a lawyer to my home in two days, and settled my case for $200,000 in less than one year.

I’ve been in three auto accidents and for the first time in my life, I feel great about my attorney. Truly. [They are] empathetic and experienced, the perfect combination for an attorney, in my opinion.

Jon Ostroff has redefined my expectations and opinions of Injury Lawyers! In the worst part of my life I have gained a great friend in Jon and a lawyer who did everything he said he could! Outstanding communication skills, integrity and compassion! A True Friend and DAMN GOOD ATTORNEY!

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