Hurt by a Car Registered Outside of Pennsylvania?

You May be Entitled to Full Tort Damages in a PA Car Accident

There are only a few things about car accidents that are black and white.  Yet, there is an exception to limited tort insurance that is relatively straightforward. Pennsylvania limited tort law allows a person who is injured by a driver who is driving a car registered in a state other than Pennsylvania to recover full tort damages for his or her injuries. The driver’s address and the state in which his or her driver’s license was issued are irrelevant. Instead, this exception only takes into account the car’s license plates and whether the car was registered anywhere other than the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

You May Still Need a Pennsylvania Limited Tort Lawyer to help you recover if you were hurt by a car registered outside of Pennsylvania

While this exception may sound simple, some insurers may try to deny you the full tort damages to which you are legally entitled if you have been hurt by a car that is registered somewhere other than Pennsylvania. They may try to confuse the issue and convince you that are only entitled to limited tort damages.

If you have been hurt in an accident with a car registered in a state other than Pennsylvania then it is important to contact experienced Pennsylvania limited tort attorney Jon Ostroff for a free consultation. You deserve an attorney who is not afraid to represent limited tort victims, who likes representing limited tort victims, and who will zealously advocate for your fair and just recovery. Please call us today at (800) 861-5696 to learn more.

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