Serious Injury Exception

Serious Injury Exception to PA Limited Tort, Do You Qualify?

Your Pennsylvania limited tort insurance would’ve been sufficient if you had been in a minor accident that resulted in only property damage or injuries that did not interfere with your life. However, that isn’t what happened to you. Instead, you suffered a serious injury that is keeping you out of work or otherwise interfering with your life. Now you need to understand the limited tort serious injury exception.

Does the Limited Tort Serious Injury Exception Apply to You?

Your insurance agent is likely not going to tell you that the serious injury exception to Pennsylvania limited tort law applies to you. Generally, you may qualify for the limited tort serious injury exception if you suffer:

  • A serious impairment. Serious injuries include permanent impairments and significant disfigurements, but may also include other injuries.
  • That affects a significant bodily function.

This is the both the most disputed exception to limited tort law and the one that our Pennsylvania limited tort lawyers most commonly use. Pennsylvania courts have held that this subjective standard is up to a jury to decide. Juries are required to consider not only the specific injury that you suffered but also how that injury has impacted your life.

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Our Pennsylvania limited tort lawyers have successfully negotiated settlements on behalf of many clients by arguing that they have met the limited tort serious injury exception. Even if another attorney has turned down your case, we invite you to contact our lawyers to talk about how we may be able to help you.

We don’t shy away from limited tort cases because meeting the limited tort threshold is too hard. Instead, we are committed to fighting for your rights and helping you get the limited tort recovery that you deserve.

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