Hurt as a Passenger in a Commercial Vehicle?

You May be Entitled to Full Tort Damages in PA

You were not driving at the time of your Pennsylvania car accident. In fact, you paid someone else to drive for you. You may have been a passenger in a bus, truck, taxi or another type of commercial vehicle. You trusted the driver to get you to your destination safely, but that didn’t happen. Instead, your driver failed to get you to your destination safely and you were injured in a Pennsylvania car accident. Now, you are wondering if your limited tort car insurance is going to compensate you for all of your damages.

You are Entitled to Full Tort Damages If You are Hurt as a Passenger in a Commercial Vehicle

Typically, limited tort insurance does not compensate injured car accident victims for pain and suffering unless they fit into an exception to the Pennsylvania limited tort insurance law. If you are hurt in a car accident while you are the passenger in a commercial vehicle, then you qualify for a limited tort exception, and you may be entitled to full tort damages for your Pennsylvania car accident injuries.

Even if you are insured with limited tort coverage and you were injured in a crash that doesn’t fall under one of these exceptions, if you suffered an injury in a PA auto crash, call us. More often then not, we can still obtain a recovery for you.

Contact an Experienced Pennsylvania Limited Tort Lawyer for Help

Just because you qualify for a limited tort exception does not mean that the insurance company is going to be eager to provide you with fair and equitable damages after your accident. Instead, you may need to fight for your recovery. An experienced Pennsylvania limited tort attorney who enjoys representing limited tort victims and is not afraid to zealously advocate on behalf of accident victims can help you get the recovery that you deserve. For more information about how a limited tort lawyer in Pennsylvania like us may be able to help you, please call our Pennsylvania limited tort law firm today at (800) 861-5696 for a free consultation.

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