Category: Limited Tort Recoveries

26 Nov 2013

You Should Not Have to Pay the Price for the Damage Caused by a Drunk Driver

You may have purchased a Pennsylvania limited tort insurance policy with the understanding that your damages could be limited if you were hurt in a car accident. However, you did not imagine the pain and suffering that would come if you were hurt by a drunk driver. Pennsylvania law allows an exception to limited tort insurance if you were injured by a driver who was convicted of drunk driving in connection with the accident that caused your injuries.

Our Pennsylvania limited tort insurance lawyers know that you need a fair recovery and that you need it quickly. That is why we fight hard on behalf of our clients. We were able to recover $125,000 for one of or many limited tort clients who suffered a broken leg after being hit by a drunk driver. Not only did we recover the insurance policy limits from two different insurance companies, but we also got the insurance policies to pay within just three months.

If you would like to talk to us about your possible case and potential recovery, then we encourage you to call us today for a free consultation.

25 Oct 2013

Did You Suffer a Serious Injury in a PA Accident? Learn How to Find Out the Truth

You’ve been hurt in a car accident. Luckily, your injuries are not life threatening. The insurance company may be telling you that you are not entitled to full tort damages because you have limited tort car insurance and you have not suffered an injury that results in a serious impairment to a significant bodily function. This is not a determination that should be made by the insurance company.

The courts do not always agree on what constitutes a serious impairment to a significant bodily function. That is a determination that needs to be made on a case by case basis and it is a determination that an experienced Pennsylvania limited tort lawyer can help you understand.

Some lawyers may shy away from difficult cases and the uncertainty of fighting for this limited tort exception; however, our limited tort lawyers don’t do that. Earlier this year, we recovered $115,000 for one of our limited tort clients. Our client suffered a broken foot in a car accident. The foot healed on its own and the client did not require surgery. Our Pennsylvania limited tort law firm was able to prove that, even without surgery, the client qualified for the serious injury exception to Pennsylvania limited tort law.

If you have been hurt in a Pennsylvania car accident and you have limited tort insurance, please contact us today for a free consultation.

11 Oct 2013

Injured Pedestrians May Recover Full Tort Damages

Limited tort is a choice that you make before you know all of the facts. You might imagine what happens if you are in a fender bender. You may anticipate what will happen if you are in a minor rear end accident. It can be harder imagine what will happen if you are hit as a pedestrian. The effects of a pedestrian accident can be horrific. The pain can be life changing. The injuries can be life ending. (more…)

19 Sep 2013

Fight for a Full Recovery After a PA Car Accident Shoulder Injury

You know about traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Even before you were hurt in a car accident, you understood how serious those injuries could be for accident victims. However, you probably gave little thought to the seriousness of a shoulder injury before you suffered one in a car crash.

Shoulder injuries can be serious and significantly limiting. You may be unable to do your job, you may be unable to do the things that you enjoy, and if you have limited tort insurance you may be unable to get a fair recovery without a fight.

Limited tort insurers may try to convince you that your shoulder injury is not a serious impairment that significantly limits a bodily function and, therefore, they may try to convince you that your damages should be limited. Our experienced PA limited tort lawyers want you to contact us before you accept what the insurance company is telling you.

In May 2012, we recovered $160,000 (the insurance policy limits) for a client who suffered a shoulder injury in a motor vehicle crash. Our law firm successfully proved that the serious injury exception to limited tort applied to our client who required surgical repair for the shoulder injury. While we can’t guarantee similar results for you, we can guarantee that, if we accept your case, we will work as hard as we can to get you the fair and just recovery that you deserve. Please call us today for more information.

06 Sep 2013

Suffered a Concussion in a PA Car Accident? Recovery is Possible Even with Limited Tort

Your doctors, relatives and friends are telling you that you are lucky that you “only” sustained a concussion in your recent car accident. However, right now you don’t feel so lucky. You are unable to do anything but rest. You can’t work, you can’t participate in the activities you enjoy, and you can’t even watch TV or read for very long. Your life has been put on hold and so too has your ability to earn an income and pay your bills. (more…)