Ten Common Questions

For people who have been injured in an automobile accident, insurance issues and other legal concerns can create significant obstacles to obtaining justice. Sometimes, what is misunderstood to be a big problem can deter a victim from filing a lawsuit in the first place – even when he or she would have had a strong case.

Ostroff Injury Law is committed to providing clients with the tools and knowledge needed to help them make informed decisions about their individual situation. Below, Ostroff Injury Law  answers ten common questions people have asked our legal team.

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Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Accidents: Do You Know What To Do When the Other Driver is Intoxicated?

If today is a typical day, 30 alcohol-related car accidents will occur in Pennsylvania. One person will die and twenty-two will be seriously injured.

Fault in a drunk driving accident is usually very clear; a driver who is intoxicated is not able to operate a vehicle safely. He is breaking the law and putting others in danger.Read More

Limited Tort and Bus Accidents

Forget Limited Tort Rules. The Bus Company Owes You Full Compensation for Your Pennsylvania Injury Claim
Limited tort rules complicate nearly every traffic accident injury claim in Pennsylvania. You’ll find lots of lawyers who will refuse to take your case just because of the restrictions of limited tort law.Read More

Quick Course in Pennsylvania Limited Tort

The insurance adjuster, and perhaps another lawyer with whom you spoke, have scared you. They have made you believe that you will be unable to recover damages for the significant pain and suffering you are experiencing simply because you chose to purchase limited tort insurance.Read More

5 Ways to Recover Full Tort Damages With Limited Tort Insurance if You’ve Suffered a Herniated Disk

A herniated disk may not be the most critical injury, but it hurts. It may require medical treatment and it may keep you out of work. You may be incurring significant damages and suffering emotionally and physically.

Accordingly, it is important to know that, in some cases, you may be able to recover damages. Read More

What to Do When an Accident Lawyer Tells You No

auto-accident-stress-7849699Limited tort accidents are unlike other types of car accident cases in Pennsylvania. Not every attorney is experienced with limited tort law, nor is every attorney willing to fight for a fair and just limited tort settlement. If you have spoken with, or hired, an attorney who has told you that filing a limited tort case is just not worth your time then it is important to get a second opinion from an experienced limited tort lawyer. It is important to talk to someone who is not afraid to fight the insurance company and whose primary concern is your recovery.Read More

Call a Limited Tort Lawyer Who Will Work Hard to Get You a Fair Recovery Quickly

bus_217879762You’ve been hurt in an accident. You need your medical bills paid and you need your expenses covered. You need to be able to plan for your financial future with reasonable certainty. As you pursue a Pennsylvania limited tort claim and fight for your fair and just damages you will likely want to know how long it is going to take to get those damages.Read More

Hurt in Pennsylvania bus crash? What You Need to Know About Limited Tort

You got on the bus without a second thought about your safety. You never thought you would be hurt as a bus passenger. However, that is exactly what happened. The bus you were riding collided with another vehicle, a stationary object, or simply went off the road and you got hurt in the accident.

You May Be Entitled to a Full Recovery Even if You Have Limited Tort InsuranceRead More