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17 Jul 2013

What PA Motorcyclists Should Know About Limited Tort in Pennsylvania

Riding a motorcycle is risky. If you are involved in an accident then you may sustain serious injuries because you lack the protective metal, airbags and other safety features that are common in passenger cars.

However, there is one risk that you may not have to take and that is the risk of getting a limited recovery due to limited tort insurance. While Pennsylvania motorcyclists may be required to purchase full tort insurance, there may be situations when a person with limited tort insurance is hurt on a motorcycle.

In those situations, it is important to know that a Pennsylvania limited tort exception exists that may allow the injured person to collect full tort damages for his or her motorcycle accident injuries. Specifically, Pennsylvania law has an exception that allows a person with limited tort insurance to recover full damages if he or she is hurt while in (or on) a vehicle other than a private passenger motor vehicle. A motorcycle may not be a private passenger vehicle according to the legal definition and the injured motorcyclist or motorcycle passenger may be able to recover damages.

If you have been hurt in a PA motorcycle accident then it is important to know your rights and to speak with an experienced Pennsylvania limited tort lawyer about your legal options and potential recovery.

14 Jun 2012

What PA’s No Fault Insurance Law Means for Accident Victims

Pennsylvania insurance law is a little different than it is in many other states and it is important to understand if you have been in a Pennsylvania car accident.

Pennsylvania’s no fault insurance policy provides that a victim’s own insurance company must pay his or her medical bills regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  In other words, even if someone else caused your injuries, your own insurance company is responsible for paying your medical expenses pursuant to the terms of your insurance policy.

Three Reasons Why You Still Need a Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer

While this system of compensation may seem simpler at first, it is still important to be diligent about protecting your rights and potential legal recovery. Specifically, you may still need a Pennsylvania car accident attorney to:

  1. Persuade Your Insurance Company To Provide You Fair Benefits. Your insurance company is no different than any other.  It is out to make money by paying you (and other claimants) as little as possible.  A Pennsylvania injury lawyer can negotiate with your insurance company and help you get the damages that you deserve.
  2. Help You Recover Medical Expenses From the Other Party’s Insurance Company, if Your Costs Exceed Your Own Insurance Coverage. Your own insurance policy will have a maximum medical benefit amount that can be used to pay for your automobile accident related medical treatment.
  3. Help You Recover Other Expenses From the Defendant or Defendant’s Insurance Company. Medical expenses are an important part of your recovery, but they are not your entire recovery.  You may also, for example, be able to recover damages for pain and suffering. Your insurance company is not obligated to pay for those damages.  Instead, you and your Pennsylvania accident lawyer may need to pursue damages against the party who caused your accident or that party’s insurance company.

For these reasons, it is important to contact a Pennsylvania limited tort lawyer today for more information about how to protect your rights after a motor vehicle crash.