Will an Insurance Company Provide a Fair Settlement if I Have Limited Tort Coverage?

By Jon Ostroff

You understood what you were getting into when you purchased limited tort car insurance. You knew that your claims for pain and suffering may be denied unless you qualified for a limited tort exception. However, you also expected that your claims for medical expenses, lost income and other economic losses would be covered if you were hurt in an accident. That was the contract you entered when you signed the papers for limited tort coverage.

Now that you have been in an accident, however, the insurance company does not seem to want to honor that contract. They are pushing you to settle for less than your case is worth.

You do not have to settle a limited tort case without speaking with a limited tort lawyer. You have the right to understand what the insurance company is offering you and how it came up with the settlement offer. You have the right to get a settlement that is consistent with the terms of your insurance policy.

Limited tort should not be used by an insurance company to deny valid claims. If you have been hurt and you have limited tort insurance coverage, please contact an experienced Pennsylvania limited tort lawyer today for more information about your right to a fair and just recovery.