3 Things Pennsylvania Limited Tort Lawyers Want all PA Drivers to Know

Lots of people from friends to insurance agents to attorneys like to give their two cents about what limited tort means for you. Often, those who believe that they are sharing important information with you are doing no more than sharing myths about what they believe Pennsylvania limited tort law to mean.

Our Pennsylvania limited tort lawyers want you to know the truth. We want to you to know that even if you are covered by Pennsylvania limited tort insurance at the time of your accident:

  • You may have the right to recover for your economic damages including lost wages.
  • Exceptions to limited tort exist that may allow you to recover for pain and suffering related to your accident.
  • You have the right to contact a Pennsylvania limited tort attorney.

If you selected limited tort and you’ve been injured in an accident, call the lawyers who love handling limited tort cases today to learn more.

Call Ostroff Law for a free consultation and if there’s an exception that will allow you to get a full recovery, we’ll find it. We have your back.

I left another lawyer in Pittsburgh because he said he could not help me, because I had limited tort insurance. I found Mr. Ostroff on line. He called me in 10 minutes, sent a lawyer to my home in two days and settled my case for $200,000 in less than one year.

I’ve been in three auto accidents and for the first time in my life, I feel great about my attorney. Truly. [They are] empathetic and experienced, the perfect combination for an attorney, in my opinion.

Jon Ostroff has redefined my expectations and opinions of Injury Lawyers! In the worst part of my life I am not only gained a great friend, in Jon, but a lawyer who did everything he said he could! Outstanding communication skills, integrity and compassion! A True Friend and DAMN GOOD ATTORNEY!

Take a Step Toward Your Recovery Today

Ostroff Injury Law helps victims with limited tort still obtain damages to cover pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related expenses. Call our firm today at 800-818-8148 or fill out the form to the right if you need an attorney to fight for your rights after a vehicle accident.

As always, you pay nothing until your case settles.

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