Are You Bound by the Limited Tort Choice of a Pennsylvania Family Member?

Deciding what kind of Pennsylvania car insurance to purchase is a big decision. For example, limited tort may significantly limit your potential recovery unless you qualify for one of the limited tort exceptions. Furthermore, the decision to purchase limited tort insurance in Pennsylvania may not just affect you as the policyholder, but it may also affect your relatives.

Who is Covered by a Limited Tort Policy

Pennsylvania limited tort law provides that a spouse, minor child, or other relative living in your home may also be covered under your limited tort policy unless that person has purchased his or her own car insurance policy.

Recovering Damages with Limited Tort

If you are covered by a relative’s limited tort policy then you may have the same right to recovery that you would have if you had purchased the policy. In other words, you may be able to recover full tort damages if you quality for one of the limited tort exceptions.

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