Filing a Claim vs. Filing a Lawsuit

You suffered injuries in a car crash that wasn’t your fault. If filing a lawsuit isn’t something you choose to have us do, you should know that not every case requires a lawsuit. There are differences between filing a claim and filing a lawsuit. Even if we advise you that it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit because we do not believe this insurance company is making you a fair offer, the final design to file a lawsuit always belongs to our client.

At Ostroff Injury Law, not every case we handle becomes a lawsuit. Some cases can settle fairly without requiring a lawsuit.

The Difference Between Filing a Lawsuit and Filing a Claim

When a person files a claim, he or she is not “suing” the party that caused the harm. A claim is not public information unless it becomes a lawsuit later. When you hire our firm, you always have the option to not sue.

However, insurance companies often try to take advantage of injured victims. They often offer a very low settlement relative to the true value of a claim. A lawsuit is often required to force the insurance company top take full responsibility and pay a claim fairly.

It’s Always Your Decision

Our firm guides clients to make the best decisions for them. We make every effort to obtain the best offer from the insurer(s) involved — without the need for a lawsuit. If you are recovering from injuries and you do not want to sue, it’s always your option. As firm partner Jon Ostroff explains in the video above, our client is always the “Captain of the Ship.” We will discuss whether the insurance company is respecting what you’ve been through or trying to take advantage of you and what we recommend we do about it. Ultimately, it’s your choice. We will give you our advice, and you will make the final decision.

If you have suffered injuries in a crash, we can help. Even if you have limited tort insurance, we may be able to find an exception that allows us to win for you. You can reach us at (484) 778-4341.

Awards and Professional Recognition

Representing more than 25,000 clients during the past 25 years has given Jon Ostroff the knowledge and experience to win in the courtroom or settle an insurance claim for top dollar. The continuing recognition by the legal community, clients and high-profile publications and media (like CNN), is an indication of Jon’s commitment to excellence.

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