Understanding the Pennsylvania Limited Tort Threshold

If you carry Pennsylvania limited tort car insurance and you are hurt in an accident then you need to understand your legal rights and possible recovery. Generally, you can recover for your economic damages, such as your health care expenses, but not for your pain and suffering unless you meet the limited tort threshold in PA.

This is the secret that many insurance adjusters keep from Pennsylvania limited tort victims. They do not want you to know that:

You Can Recover Full Tort Damages if You Meet the Pennsylvania Limited Tort Threshold

How Will You Meet The Limited Tort Threshold in PA?

You will meet the Pennsylvania limited tort threshold by proving that you fit into one of the six exceptions to limited tort law and that, therefore, you are entitled to full tort damages. Those exceptions include:

  1. Riding a motorcycle at the time of your injury.
  2. Being a pedestrian at the time of your injury.
  3. Being a passenger on a bus, truck, taxi or other commercial vehicle when you were hurt.
  4. A drunk driving (DUI) conviction of the driver who caused your accident.
  5. A driver who caused the accident operating a vehicle that is registered in a different state than Pennsylvania.
  6. Your suffering of injuries that have resulted in a serious impairment to a significant bodily function. While this is the most difficult exception to prove, it is also the exception that our experienced lawyers have used more than any other to prove that our clients meet the Pennsylvania limited tort threshold.

Our Pennsylvania limited tort lawyers are not afraid to fight the insurance company and we will do everything that we can to help you meet the limited tort threshold in PA and recover the full damages to which you may be entitled.

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Not every lawyer will represent a Pennsylvania limited tort victim. However, the lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law are committed to helping victims prove that they meet the Pennsylvania limited tort threshold and we will fight hard to get you the recovery that you deserve.



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