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12 Mar 2013

3 Things Pennsylvania Limited Tort Lawyers Want all PA Drivers to Know

Lots of people from friends to insurance agents to attorneys like to give their two cents about what limited tort means for you. Often, those who believe that they are sharing important information with you are doing no more than sharing myths about what they believe Pennsylvania limited tort law to mean.

Our Pennsylvania limited tort lawyers want you to know the truth. (more…)

18 Jan 2013

7 Reasons Pennsylvania Limited Tort Does Not Necessarily Mean Limited Recovery

Insurance is one of those difficult things to buy. You buy it with the hope that you will never need it. In that regard, you want to save as much money as you can, but when the unthinkable happens and you face a serious injury caused by someone else then you want to recover fair and equitable damages.

Pennsylvania law allows you to do just that. Fair and equitable limited tort settlements are possible and may compensate you not only for your out of pocket expenses but also for your physical pain and emotional suffering. In order for you to recover full damages, you and your limited tort lawyer must prove that your case fits into an exception of limited tort law. (more…)

20 Dec 2012

What You Need to Know About PA Limited Tort When the Car Rather Than the Driver Causes a Crash

While most Pennsylvania car accidents are caused by negligence, a driver’s failure to act with reasonable care is not always the reason for accidents and resulting injuries. Sometimes serious car crashes are caused by a defect in the design, manufacturing, repair or maintenance of a car.

If you are covered by Pennsylvania Limited Tort Insurance then this is significant for you. (more…)

18 Nov 2012

Are You Bound by the Limited Tort Choice of a Pennsylvania Family Member?

Deciding what kind of Pennsylvania car insurance to purchase is a big decision. For example, limited tort may significantly limit your potential recovery unless you qualify for one of the limited tort exceptions. Furthermore, the decision to purchase limited tort insurance in Pennsylvania may not just affect you as the policyholder, but it may also affect your relatives. (more…)

13 Oct 2012

What Happens To Your PA Limited Tort Coverage When You are Hurt by a Drunk Driver

If you’ve been hurt in Pennsylvania drunk driving accident and you have limited tort insurance coverage then it important to understand your rights.  In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania law specifically allows a person covered by limited tort insurance to recover full tort damages if the person responsible for the accident was convicted of or accepted responsibility for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.  In other words, the law does not allow you to recover full tort damages just because the driver was arrested for drunk driving.  Instead, the other driver must have been onvicted of or accepted ARD.

To find out more about how to recover non-economic damages in your limited tort settlement, please contact an experienced limited tort lawyer for more information at 1-800-861-5696.

22 Aug 2012

How to Know if You Have Suffered a Serious Impairment to a Significant Bodily Function

You think your injury is serious, but will the court?

The answer to that question is important to your Pennsylvania car accident recovery if you are covered by limited tort insurance.  Generally, those covered by limited tort insurance are not entitled to damages for pain and suffering when they are injured in a car accident.

However, if you, together with your PA limited tort lawyer, can prove that you suffered a serious impairment to a significant bodily function then you may be entitled to damages for your pain and suffering.  As the language of the exception suggests by the use of the words “serious” and “significant”, not every injury will qualify for this exception. (more…)

18 Jul 2012

Why Limited Tort Does not Have to Mean Limited Recovery

We don’t deny it.  In many cases, Pennsylvania car accident victims have to fight harder and more aggressively for limited tort settlements than they do for full tort settlements.  Insurance companies often want to use limited tort as an excuse to deny fair and just settlements.  They expect that accident victims, and many of their attorneys, will accept that limited tort means limited payment.

We don’t accept that.  We believe that you deserve the help of a limited tort lawyer who will zealously advocate for your full and complete recovery as permitted by Pennsylvania law.  (more…)

14 May 2012

Full Tort vs Limited Tort

What Pennsylvania Drivers Need to Know

Pennsylvania drivers have choices when it comes to car insurance.  Drivers may choose to purchase full tort insurance which may provide them with a financial recovery for all damages from a car accident, including pain and suffering.  In the alternative, Pa. drivers may decide to purchase limited tort coverage, which only allows for the recovery of pain and suffering damages in certain situations. (more…)

12 Apr 2012

What Is Limited Tort?

Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of states that force their insured drivers to choose between “limited tort” and “full tort” car insurance.

When you purchase car insurance in Pennsylvania, your decision whether to choose limited tort or full tort coverage is an important decision that you need to make. Choosing limited tort car insurance coverage can affect every member of your household.

Limited tort auto insurance policies are slightly less expensive and can limit your recovery for some injuries or damages. Once you have been injured in an accident, many insurance companies will convince limited tort policyholders that they are not entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Often times, the insurance adjuster is not telling you the truth and is simply trying to avoid paying you what you are entitled to. (more…)